How to pressure wash your Vinyl sliding

How to pressure wash your Vinyl sliding

A vinyl siding in your home isn't amazing only because of its beauty. The vinyl siding has a lot of advantages that go beyond being beautiful at the start. One of the main advantages of the vinyl siding is you can resell the old vinyl siding at a fair price compared to the price. If you maintain your vinyl siding by cleaning it properly, you can sell it for above that. Cleaning your vinyl with your hands and a cleanser is possible but not advisable. You won't be cleaning the siding thoroughly enough, and in most cases, you would waste a lot of your time and energy.

Using a pressure washer that has a Grandfall Pump to wash your Vinyl siding will ensure it is cleaned properly and continues to shine. Of course, the pressure washer settings must be set optimally so you don't go from cleaning a surface to damaging the surface. If you have an old vinyl siding that you have probably never cleaned before, your pressure washer can help you restore the siding and increase its resale value. Regardless of why you're cleaning your vinyl siding, you need to learn how to do it right. You wouldn't want to destroy your vinyl siding. Keep reading this guide for the best guidelines for cleaning your vinyl siding properly.

Wear safety kit

Vinyl sidings can be in the most tricky positions. Therefore, you may not have the best balance when you're trying to pressure wash. Before you start washing at all, first discover where you will stand to ensure you have a firm foundation. Even when you can rest assured of a solid foundation on your vinyl siding, you still have to wear a safety kit. In this case, your safety kit should include eye goggles, helmets, elbow and shoulder pads. With these safety kits, you can rest assured of minimal injury in case of a mistake.

Clear area of vinyl siding

You need a clear view of the vinyl siding if you want to clean it properly. Before you arrange your pressure washer, you need to clear the surrounding of your vinyl siding. If there are any weeds or items you don't want to clean, try to get them away. Move all the things you can. Regardless of how many items you move, there are still some items that can't move, but you can't pressure wash. You have to cover all fragile or dangerous components.

Get the suitable pressure washer

For vinyl siding, you need to get a suitable pressure washer and the right vinyl cleanser. Your pressure washer can't have low pressure, and at the same time, the pressure shouldn't be too high. Also, your vinyl cleanser needs to be compatible with the siding. As much as possible, the cleaner shouldn't remove the colors of the vinyl siding.


Apart from the steps mentioned above, you still need to get the best nozzle for the cleaning process of vinyl siding. After that, you can set your pressure washer to its lowest for safety purposes. Start with a small section of the siding, then increase pressure little by little to ensure you're doing it right.